Who looks after the kids in New Jersey?

The average percentage of parents staying at home has remained relatively the same since 1989, at around 18 percent.

The numbers have gone up or down and certainly increased during the pandemic.

New Jersey ranked ninth in the number of stay-at-home parents during the closures.

Society has seen an increase in fathers choosing to stay home with the kids, up 7 percent from 4 percent 25 years ago.

With the cost of living as high as New Jersey, there is one statistic that stands out.

We were near the bottom of the state that spends the most on child care.

Garden State parents spend the fourth least in the country on childcare expenses.

A new study found that New Jersey families spend an average of $7,200 annually on childcare — 3.8% of the state’s median annual household income of $129,670.

Of all the states included in the study, New Jersey residents rank 4th least on child care.

One of the reasons for such a low ranking, but a good sign for families, is that perhaps more parents are choosing to stay home to raise their children.

Another more likely reason for the lost percentage of income spent on childcare in New Jersey is grandma.

The percentage of grandparents who provide childcare is 33% and let’s face it, most of them are female.

Perhaps we don’t spend as much of our income as other states on childcare because more grandparents in New Jersey are the primary source of childcare for working moms and dads.

It seems there are a growing number of grandparents here who babysit their grandchildren during the work week, and usually for little or no compensation.

The cost of childcare in New Jersey may be another reason why family is called upon to watch the kids while mom and dad are at work.

Average annual childcare costs here are nearly $13,000.

That adds up to at least some fun family vacations.

Hopefully, with the money parents save by letting Grandma watch the kids, they can take her or better yet pay for her own separate trip!

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