What is the best Mastodon app for iOS?

For users who are not sure which iPhone app is right for their Mastodon experience, here are some of the best iOS Mastodon apps they should check out.

Finding the best Mastodon app for iOS is tricky and time consuming, but it is worth it. Apple’s App Store has a growing list of available third-party apps, making it easier than ever to enter the Mastodon realm. While many are free, many paid clients are also worth it.

Users wanting to get away from Twitter have landed on Mastodon. The platform is a free and open-source social networking site. It is unique in that it has many servers and due to its decentralized nature, each server has to cover its own maintenance costs. Users love it for its microblogging features, an uncanny resemblance to Twitter. Being open-source, many developers have tried to create their own Mastodon clients, equipped with tools and custom functions packed into an app.


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Fortunately for iPhone users, plenty of third-party apps make their Mastodon experience delightful. It’s hard to know which one to use because they’re all unique. Mastodon’s native app ranks #16 on the Free Social Networking chart in the App Store and is even highly rated with a 4.5 rating. But judging by the reviews, it’s not very user-friendly for users unaccustomed to Mastodon’s servers, and the app needs some tender love and care. The high ratings were mainly about the presence of the platform and not about the app itself. Still, there are two Mastodon clients that users seem to agree with much more than the native app, Metatext and Toot!.


Mastodon iPhone Apps Metatext

With a high rating of 4.5 on the App Store, what users like most about Metatext is its clean and intuitive interface. Metatext gets a lot of comments for being fast and easy to use. Several users even call it the ‘Best app for Mastodon’. That doesn’t mean the app isn’t missing a few features. There seem to be several people asking for dark mode and users have found a few bugs. The ad does show a dark mode capability, so maybe it’s buried in the settings. But the main feature of Metatext is the ability to use multiple accounts at the same time. The combined feed is useful because users have multiple accounts to access different servers. Another favorite feature is the complete absence of ads, tracking, or algorithms in the app, so users can view their feed however they want and not worry about privacy issues. As far as free apps go, Metatext is a great companion for Mastodon users.


Mastodon IOS App Toot

Free is great, but there’s a reason Toot! holds the number one spot in the App Store’s paid social networks. Although the app costs users $3.99, it is the best app for new Mastodon users. Honk! The 4.4 ratings are supported by users’ appreciation of the design, animations, and user interface. It is fast and powerful, allowing users to switch between accounts effortlessly. People don’t like that it still has a few kinks related to font size changes and, apparently, a bug related to hashtags. Some users also complain that the app icons are customizable, but at an additional cost. Even with these shortcomings, users rave about its ease of use, filters, and feature tools.

As Mastodon grows, so does the number of third-party apps. While Metatext and Toot! being favored by users these days, it wouldn’t take much to put another app in the spotlight. Mercury for Mastodon is new, but users are excited about its design and growing features like message scheduling. iOS users should keep an eye on Apple’s App Store for the latest Mastodon client apps. However, before choosing an app, the first step is to select a Mastodon server.

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