We Love The Kids Ride Shotgun Seat For Kiddos (also fun for adults)

We’ve covered the MacRide mountain bike child seat before, but that’s not the only game in town. The Kids Ride Shotgun seat, which comes to you from faraway New Zealand, is another option, and we love this thing.

It’s a comfortable seat, a set of footpegs and a mini handlebar, and that’s it. No harness or anything else to keep the kids in – they balance completely on their own, a great developmental step towards full dominance on the bike. Your kid will one day smoke you on a pad much sooner than you thought if you get them on one of these as a toddler, I promise.

It mounts easily with a quick-release clamp and bolt that threads through the footpegs and the bottom of the seat arms. Those arms hold the top tube and down tube, which can pose a problem if you’re a tall rider on some XL bikes. My stiff, flat-bar gravel bike has too much clearance between the top tube and down tube, and the seat won’t fit. But it is an XL and a unique build. Another XL frame I have works easily with the seat. Your mileage may vary is what I mean.

My setup. See those silver nuts just under the seat? This allows you to adjust the angle of the saddle – crucial.

The arms are rubber so they can grip carbon without messing it up, at least in theory, but I only use the saddle on my aluminum hardtail just to be on the safe side. We ride it on pavement through town, on fire roads and quiet singletrack. Aside from an extra 35 pounds on my handlebars, the only real problem with riding is that I can’t see where my front tire is rolling because her cute helmeted head is in the way. So rooty sections can get a *little* unpredictable. Really, you just have to be attentive.

Anyway, my daughter has been riding with me since she was 2 years old. I’m pretty sure the chair is for ages 3 and up, but my daughter, like her mom, is a badass and, like her mom, really, really tall. She loves this thing. Actually refuses any other means of transport. Makes songs about it when we’re away from the bike.


Honestly, I was terrified at first. I rode with an arm around my little girl. Again, she was definitely technically too young for this thing, but I was excited. I actually put it away for a few weeks before trying again. This time I trusted my daughter’s technique and instinct and boom, we were off. There was a learning curve for her too, as she was initially adamant about keeping both her precious little hands on the wheel, but after a few weeks of daily driving, she’s waving at people, pulling her feet out of the foot grips, and kicking them around the feel wind, turn around to tickle me, etc.

It’s a hit with her.

It’s also a big hit in my town. It’s a very small town and people now recognize us everywhere we go. It happens almost daily that someone comes up to me and says: hey! I see you two riding all the time – looks so much fun! Even rangers on trails, the same ones I play cat and mouse with on my big boy bike, they smile and wave at us on fire roads.

Anyway, get yours here.

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