Walmart Claims Top Spot for 2022 Kantar PowerRankings for 26th Consecutive Year

PespisCo retains its position as top manufacturer for the seventh year

NEW YORK, November 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kantar has released its annual industry benchmarking report PoweRanking®, which identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard for performance, ranked by their trading partners, with WalMart again ranked number one for the 26th consecutive year, demonstrating its the strength, scale and focus of the retailer over time.

PepsiCo again distinguished itself as a leader in the retailer-manufacturer relationship, bolstering its PoweRanking metrics in 2022 and is ranked number one for the seventh consecutive year. The company has been number one in all nine metrics for the past six years.

“Pepsi, CocaCola and P&G continued an unprecedented set of collaborative features, and Walmart, Target and Kroger set the pace in providing ecosystem services to their customers on the retail side of the study,” said Patrick Fellen, head of Consulting, Analytics and Applications at Kantar Retail. .

PowerRanking is the industry’s leading rating of best-in-class manufacturers and retailers. Elected by their peers, leaders are ranked based on a range of factors, from strategic metrics to company fundamentals. Now in its 26th edition, Kantar looks at how retailers and manufacturers can best innovate and serve consumers across food, medicine, mass-market, dollar, convenience, specialty, e-commerce and club channels, as well as for manufacturers in food, home products, general merchandise and health and beauty care categories.

The results of the 2022 survey were compared to the past two years to identify the causes of ranking shifts. This year’s PoweRanking sustainability performance measure showed that both retailers and manufacturers are eager to move beyond slogans and buzzwords and instead focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) that is both pragmatic and makes a difference to the lives of consumers. customer.

Among retailers, Target continued its excellent performance in recent years to maintain its second-place position, supported primarily by its number one ranking in both Innovative marketing and Best store branding. Outside of WalMart, the overall retail top five is rounded out by the expected giants to take the lead again – Kroger, Amazon and Costco – showing stability across the board for this category.

The manufacturer’s side for the report outlines a top five consisting of well-known names known for their exceptional performance in sustainability. These brands include: Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestle and Unilever, with both Nestle and Unilever each rising three places from last year’s ranking. Other notables rounding out the list are Tyson and AB InBev, as this is the first year each company has made the top ten.

“This is truly an outstanding achievement for all brands in the top ten. Walmart’s strong number one position for more than a quarter of a century is an impressive achievement considering the drastic landscape change Amazon has brought about in recent years. PepsiCo has doubled – down, facing the retail reality across their retail partnership, providing a clear strategy, bringing insights that matter, thinking in categories first with retail partners,” added Fellen.

To download the 2022 PowerRanking® Executive Summary, visit here.

Barry Thomas, Senior Thought Leader Retail, Kantar, and Rachel Dalton, Head of Retail Insights, Kantar discuss the latest edition of Kantar PoweRanking 2022 with Patrick Fellen, Head of Consulting, Analytics and Applications at Kantar Retail in Kantar’s Retail Sound Bites Podcast.

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