VES-Artex improves animal welfare and significantly reduces water consumption with the launch of the Intelligent Soaker

The information below has been provided by dairy traders and other trade associations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

VES-Artex introduces the Intelligent Soaker, a new animal cooling system that only sprays water when an animal is present, and only when the temperature falls within set parameters. This new system helps achieve the goals of the VES-Artex Animal-Centered Environment, where the health, well-being and productivity of each animal is prioritized while also driving efficiency and lower total operating costs on the farm.

This system has the proven benefits of a soaking system, such as effectively reducing animal heat stress and associated health problems, and productivity loss, while reducing the water used to cool animals by as much as 70 percent.

“Simple on/off switches operate on a schedule whether animals are present or not, which means a huge waste of water and energy — cows spend 70 percent of the time lying outside the feed alley, standing on the stalls and being milked, during this time traditional soakers continue to operate. There is a lot of potential for water savings, but heat reduction is challenging to optimize, as the negative effects of insufficient cooling can be very detrimental to animal welfare and production,” says Dr. Mario Mondaca, R&D Hardware Development Engineer at VES-Artex. “Having said that, the Intelligent Soaker doesn’t do this by reducing the amount of water the animal gets, but by reducing the amount of water you waste. With increasing concerns about water availability and social pressures on dairy producers, the Intelligent Soaker will enable farms to reduce heat while achieving more sustainable operations.”

The new Intelligent Soaker is easy to install. It works very simply: sensors measure real-time weather conditions and activate when an animal is present. The system is plug-and-play for new and existing soaking systems and can easily be retrofitted with existing nozzle technology.

“It’s all about creating that consistent, animal-centric environment,” says Mondaca. “This is another powerful tool that allows farmers to remain good stewards of the land while taking care of the animals they are responsible for – providing data through the barn management system that provides greater operational intelligence.”

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