Two teens used first aid in a motorcyclist accident in Benson

TUCSON, Arizona. (KGUN) — Two Benson High School students stopped at the scene of a motorcycle accident to provide first aid to the injured driver.

The motorcyclist was hit by a car turning left into the local Walmart. The accident happened within seconds, but Dracelynn and Brooke’s instinct to help the injured man was immediate. They said that once they were by his side, they never thought of leaving.

Dracelynn Harris and Brooke Elise have been side by side since fourth grade.

The girls had just finished school and were enjoying a regular trip to Walmart. When they left, the accident happened right in front of them.

“At that moment I immediately come to his aid. And she called 9-11,” Dracelynn said. She checked his heartbeat and they both did everything they could to keep him calm.

“We could see his injuries, it was pretty hard to watch, but he was fine. He tried to get up, he said ‘No I’m fine I just have to get up’ but I was like ‘help is on the way’. We could hear the sirens coming at that point,” Brooke said.

Little did they know that the next day they would be considered heroes at their school.

“I was so proud of my students. It takes guts, courage and a big heart, as I told them, to actually step up and do what they did,” said Aritza Mendez, the medical profession teacher at Benson High School.

Aritza Mendez taught the girls everything they know in her class. They said that gave them the confidence to respond as they did.

“Even if you don’t go into the medical field, you could go to Walmart, or leave Walmart, and it could happen right in front of you and you won’t know what to do, but if you have the opportunity to take a class to follow, emergencies always happen,” Brooke said.

Dracelynn and Brooke were thanked by the motorcyclist’s daughter for the courageous action they took here earlier this week. The girls are unaware of his current condition, but they hope he is well.


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