Tufin Enterprise simplifies the planning and management of cloud segmentation

Tufin releases Tufin Enterprise, including Tufin’s popular SecureCloud SaaS solution. The new release offers a redesigned cloud-native security policy management console and a new integration with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

“We have been working closely with our customers to provide more granular and flexible connectivity control in the cloud,” said Erez Tadmor, Director of Cloud Products at Tufin. “Tufin is the only agentless multi-cloud solution that enables large and complex organizations to manage hybrid cloud security policies, receive security breach alerts, and proactively identify high-risk/non-compliant security configuration changes before they are implemented.”

These improvements greatly simplify cloud segmentation planning and management and accelerate cloud vulnerability triage. In addition, more granular security policy management enhances Tufin’s integrated CI/CD pipeline integration, enabling high-risk security configurations to be identified and blocked before they go live.

The following new capabilities have been developed specifically with customers in financial services, utilities and retail spaces:

  • Detailed segmentation policy management enables cloud security teams to allow or block communication flows by account, region, virtual network, subnet, and tag key.
  • An exception-only approach allows customers to block all communications to certain environments while allowing exceptions to maintain a true zero-trust network access (ZTNA) model.
  • Correlation of connectivity context with Microsoft Defender for Cloud data enables security teams to quickly prioritize vulnerabilities.
  • For example, by identifying which vulnerable VMs have access to the internet.
  • More detailed security policies can be included in the integrated risk assessment for CI/CD workflows, ensuring new implementations do not violate any policies. Users can configure automatic deployment blocking in case a violation is detected.

The Tufin Enterprise SecureCloud module is now available as a free trial.

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