These are the main innovations of the iOS 16.2 update

iOS 16, It became available in September and has hardly been on the agenda since. As soon as the first version was shared with users, it became clear that it contained some bugs, and the version later got three different minor patches. iOS 16.1. With its version, it both prevented major errors and provided new features to users. But iOS 16.1. version also contains some bugs, Apple has hurriedly released 16.1.1. He had to serve his steak. The current goal of the American tech giant is to focus on new features where possible in the next update.

According to initial information iOS 16.2 It will host many important functions. At the forefront of these features is Always On Display feature the future. Thanks to this feature, users can now ensure that their screens become just a small black screen and they can monitor notifications such as time and missed calls even when they are not using the phone.

These are the main innovations of the iOS 16.2 update

With the new update iPhone Another feature that will enter the life of its users is free form will be the program. This one widget As a result, users can now quickly take notes on the white screen or do whatever they want. iOS 16.2. version of Let us remind you that it will also take a major step in health monitoring and after the update, iPhone users will be able to create separate widgets for both sleep and medication tracking. iOS 16.2 The update is expected to be available in December.

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