The Chosen season 3: Here’s what you need to know

The Chosen is a crowdfunded series about the life of Jesus Christ. It has released two seasons so far and Season 3 of The Chosen is fast approaching. So when is the Chosen season 3 release date and where can you watch it? We tell you everything you need to know about the unique series.

What is the chosen one?

The series revolves around the life of Jesus Christ as witnessed by the many people who encountered him in his ministries. The first and second seasons show Jesus (Jonathan Roumie) and his growing number of followers and disciples as he brings his teachings and messages from God to the people of Galilee, Samaria and other regions. The second season ended with his famous Sermon on the Mount. The third season will show that his movement continues to gain followers, which worries the leaders of the Romans and Pharisees.

The Chosen has quite an unusual financial support system as it is funded entirely by its fans. The first season received more than $11 million from over 16,000 backers. Since then, Angel Studios, the production company making the series, says the first three seasons have received more than $40 million in donations.

When is The Chosen season 3 release date?

Fans can watch the first two episodes of the third season in theaters today, November 18. On The Chosen’s website you can see where the episodes are shown and you can buy advanced tickets.

The first two episodes, along with the rest of Season 3, will make their streaming debut through Angel Studios starting December 11, with episodes airing weekly.

Where can I watch The Chosen Season 3?

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Along with the first two seasons, Season 3 will be available to stream for free through the TV show’s apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also watch the third season for free on the Angel Studios app, available for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV and Apple TV devices and smart televisions.

The show’s first two seasons are also available to stream on other services, including Peacock and Amazon Prime Video. It’s likely Season 3 will debut on those services sometime in 2023 as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can watch the show for free on its own app or the Angel Studios app with no donation required.

No. The series has no commercials in its own app or in the Angel Studios app.

The plan is to run the series for seven seasons. At this time, Angel Studios is taking donations to fund Season 4 of The Chosen.

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