The Bank of Boteourt improves cyber security with Barracuda

The Bank of Boteourt, a regional community bank based in Virginia, USA, decided to use the cloud-hosted Microsoft 365 suite to take advantage of its productivity tools, improve operations across its 13 branches and provide better customer experiences.

However, the bank also understood that it would be essential to find new solutions for email security and data protection to protect against virtual threats.

“At that time, the number of phishing attacks started to become a real problem, so we wanted email security that could overcome this problem,” said Andy Shotwell, senior vice president of the Bank of Botetourt. “We knew we also needed a cloud backup solution and, being in such a highly regulated industry, we wanted a powerful, easy-to-use archiving solution to support our compliance strategy.”

The bank was drawn to security provider Barracuda’s cloud-first solutions after working with the company on previous security projects.

“We trust Barracuda, so that’s where we turned,” says Shotwell. “And we found a lot to love. The bundled capabilities in Barracuda Email Protection were just right for our needs. It is the comprehensive, integrated security solution we needed for our Microsoft 365 implementation.”

The implementation of the solution went smoothly, with the Barracuda team supporting the rollout and addressing any issues as they arose.

“Getting started with Barracuda Email Protection was very easy and quick,” says Shotwell. “And when we run into problems, we just open an online ticket and it gets resolved very quickly. The Barracuda support team has always been extremely responsive and helpful to us.”

The bank has since experienced significant benefits from the new solution.

“We certainly catch a lot of phishing attempts with the AI-based inbox protection,” says Shotwell. “And the included cloud backup service is a huge benefit. All our data in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook is fully protected – and it’s completely effortless. Exactly as we expect from Barracuda.”

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