Telsa Superfan horrified when he pays for tick and it doesn’t even show up on his profile

“I’m in tick purgatory.”


They say “don’t meet your heroes”, but what’s worse? When your hero buys Twitter, he forces you and others to pay eight dollars a month for a blue check that doesn’t actually verify your identity, then doesn’t even show up on your profile for false influence.

This, readers, is the story of Tesla superfan Steven Mark Ryan, who claims to have fallen into this exact nightmare scenario. The digital creator and apparent Elon Musk disciple took to the app earlier this week to open up about his blue check woes to the billionaire.

“It’s currently less solid than my lost boner after watching Bill Gates’ pregnant man emoji impersonation,” wrote Ryan, who obviously speaks it very fluently Musk lore. “I’m in tick purgatory.”

“I upgraded on iOS (Australia) on day one,” he continued, “and the only person on Earth who can see the check mark is me, and only on my iOS device.”

Week Promise

Musk, always a kind gentleman to his adoring enthusiasts, responded apologetically.

“My apologies, this will be resolved within a week,” the SpaceX and Tesla CEO wrote back, “two maximum.”

Aw. With that in mind, though, we’d advise Ryan to take this promise with a grain of salt. Musk rarely keeps timeline promises, and as he told CBS news recently he currently has “too much” work on his plate. There’s also the reality that the Saga of the Blue Check has been chaotic across the board, and lone clout fighters aside, there are a bunch of serious issues that Musk’s “power to the people” verification system needs to address if it ever indeed could. are like Musk has promised“Rock solid.”

In any case, our thoughts go out to this man and his lone tick. We hope that in the end he gets his money’s worth.

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