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Stewart Copeland‘s post-Law enforcement band Animal logicthat the drummer formed with the acclaimed jazz bassist Stanley Clarke and singer/songwriter Deborah Hollandhas just released two new songs, the group’s first new songs in over 30 years.

“Can I Tell You” and “Ordinary” are available through major digital music providers and on Animal Logic’s Bandcamp page.

Formed in 1987, Animal Logic released a pair of studio albums, the 1989 self-titled album and the album Animal logic IIbefore the members moved on to various other projects.

Copeland tells ABC Audio that the new songs don’t represent a full-fledged Animal Logic reunion, noting that the songs are just part of an ongoing informal long-distance collaboration between him, Clarke, and Holland.

“The concept of reuniting the band might be a bit dramatic, because we really enjoy working with each other,” Stewart said. “Deborah Holland writes incredible songs, and Stanley and I are always inspired… We steer [a] walk around and we’ll do something cool, and we’ll all be very happy about it.

One of the songs, “Ordinary”, is an upbeat pop song in which Holland gives an overview of several serious modern issues.

“That’s what we love about Deborah…she’s a thinker,” says Stewart. “She thinks about things and has a really interesting perspective on things… She lives a real life and has her poetic take on it, which I find inspiring.”

Meanwhile, Copeland notes that Animal Logic won’t shy away from promoting the songs.

“There’s no major record company involved or anything like that,” he says. “This is really art for art’s sake. You know, it’s just because we think it’s cool, and we hope you think it’s cool too. But we’re not going to ram it down your throat.”

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