Smart City Expo World Congress 2022: optimizing safety and efficiency

Microsoft partners explored new ways to approach city management and optimize infrastructure development at the Smart City World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Some of the partners present are Johnson Controls, Citégestion, Plain Concepts, Cyclomedia and Analyze Data Solutions. These companies discuss how their products can improve urban environments and help urban developers.

For example, Johnson Controls shows its OpenBlue platform and shares how it can make cities more sustainable. Built on the Microsoft Cloud, OpenBlue collects data from internet-of-things devices in buildings, such as heating, ventilation, security, and firefighting systems. The platform then delivers insights to building owners and operators to help them improve energy efficiency. This reduces unplanned downtime and energy consumption.

Citégestion also outlines how its software platform, MUSE, improves energy efficiency. The platform can help city leaders achieve operational and organizational productivity through asset management, better maintenance of city equipment from a centralized point, and the ability to manage and share equipment-generated data. This allows cities to improve their operations while optimizing energy performance and reducing their carbon footprint.

Another important topic at the event will be the ways in which artificial intelligence can support the development of cities. For example, Plain Concepts shows how it helps city developers to evaluate efficiency through digital environments. Using its Evergine graphics engine alongside Microsoft Azure, Plain Concepts highlights solutions for building digital twins using point cloud techniques. By simulating infrastructure development plans, cities can spot potential problems in areas such as space management or machine maintenance before they materialize.

Meanwhile, Cyclomedia presents its mobile mapping systems enhanced by AI-powered analytics. The solution maps dense urban areas in Western Europe and North America using a combination of sensors, cameras, LiDar scanners and positioning systems. Municipal authorities and utility companies can use the data to gain insight into how they can better serve the city’s residents. Cyclomedia’s goal is to make cities safer, more accessible and more sustainable.

Also at SCEWC, Analyze Data Solutions will show how smart data and digital twins can have a positive social impact. The company highlights data-driven smart city use cases that it has developed for municipalities, provinces and road authorities in the Netherlands. Analyze’s data solutions provide tools to help cities understand what’s happening in real time, and an insight into what the future might look like.

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