Show (and other) weirdness between macOS versions

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matte space

So a 24 hour experiment to try out Mojave…

  • Safari on Mojave can’t see the iCloud tabs or browsing history of another High Sierra machine or iOS 12 devices (strange as Mojave/iOS 12 are contemporaries), nor does it send synced iCloud tabs or history to them by means of. Those other devices still show the latest High Sierra iCloud tabs from the main machine. They all sync and update each other just fine. BUT bookmarks and reading list TO DO sync and update fine between Mojave & High Sierra / iOS 12.
  • Mojave recovery shows black screens on all my displays until I unplug my two displayport monitors and my main HDMI display lights up.
  • Wake from Sleep – much faster on Mojave than High Sierra, but the main screen connected to HDMI is dead on wake, requiring a physical cable to be unplugged and replugged to show up (Sapphire Pulse rx580). The other two screens on displayport are displayed fine.
  • Quicklook zooming is broken. In High Sierra I can select an image of any size, quicklook, drag the QL window to a separate screen, enlarge the window a bit, then zoom to full screen, and then any subsequent image I select will be zoomed to full screen. Mojave, it goes right back to its original size on the second image.

How do people live like this? “We put more advanced locks on your house, but we replaced your pew with a church pew.”

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