Schools in Rome receive a $2.4 million government grant for student mental health

ROME — The New York State Office of Mental Health has awarded the Rome City School District a $2.42 million grant to expand its mental health offerings to students and families.

“The five-year award benefits students of all grades,” said Amanda Jones, the district director of counseling.

A National Alliance on Mental Illness poll found that teens want schools to play a big role in their mental health, and they trust the information they get there. Grant projects in the 2022-27 grant period include:

Research and implement a universal screening process to help identify students who may have mental health issues.

Development and refinement of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) model in each school, specifically targeting mental health care.

Refinement of the referral system through a partnership with Connected Community Schools, which helps families connect with resources and assistance from community agencies.

District Superintendent Peter Blake said he is extremely proud to work with such a talented group of school counselors and social workers. The district is lucky to be working with the kids on mental health issues, he said.

“Thank you to all of them, and our Director of Counseling Services Amanda Jones, for taking the time to submit this grant,” said Blake. “Every time we win a competitive grant, it shows that our team is doing something good for children. This award will certainly help our district fund these programs.

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