Roundup: EpiSoft’s online IFC, payment process goes live in St John of God Health Care and more instructions

St John of God Health Care uses online IFC, payment process by EpiSoft

St John of God Health Care has implemented EpiSoft’s online informed financial consent and payment process for patients.

These features are the latest addition to the epi-me online patient admissions portal, also by EpiSoft. It is also integrated with the hospital group’s web-based PAS.

These additions provide “significant efficiencies” for hospitals. It enables staff to prepare a patient’s cost estimate from the webPAS, which is then automatically exported to epi-me, where it is presented together with a national claim form.

After capturing their online IFC, a patient can choose to securely pay all out-of-hospital expenses, including pre-authorizing the credit card for any incidentals they may incur during their stay. The electronically signed documents and proof of payment are then sent back to the webPAS to automatically update the patient’s account as paid.

“Enabling patients to complete their IFC, National Claim Form and make payments through the portal streamlines the admissions process for them and for our admissions team,” said Debbie Hoddy, patient admissions manager at St John of God Health Care.

ADHA begins transitioning to the new Health API Gateway

The Australian Digital Health Agency started the transition to a new Health API Gateway this week.

The new Health API Gateway replaces the current Oracle API Gateway to facilitate connections to My Health Record.

The full rollout of the new health information gateway is expected to take between 2 and 3 weeks, according to ADHA’s update.

Last year the agency was awarded Deloitte was awarded the contract to develop the health information gateway, which will provide a “secure and scalable platform for exchanging and accessing health information.” It is based on modern web services and standards for HIE such as FHIR.

Medi-Map’s platform approved for use in Western Australia

A Medi-Map electronic medication management system has been approved for use in Western Australia as part of a closed electronic prescription system between a retirement home (RACF) and a pharmacy.

In accordance with the transitional agreement of the Electronic National Residential Medication Card (eNRMC), the Medi-Map Medication Management System is deemed to be provisionally compliant.

After this accreditation, Medi-Map will have to provide further details on administration and personnel access to its system, procedures and a demonstration of its use as a closed system.

Since 2018, RACFs across the country have been trialling eNRMC-compliant products with the goal of making them available nationwide.

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