Roku devices are on sale, including the Ultra LT (only $30) through multiple retailers 💰

Walmart is having a great sale on Roku devices right now, which is a great time to pick one up if you were planning on doing so. The sale includes several Roku devices, but the most notable of them all is the Ultra LT, which costs just $30 (normally as high as $73.60).

Of the devices for sale, you can use the Roku Express [Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy] (sale price: $17.99 vs. the regular $29.99), which is an entry-level non-4K option that will benefit users who don’t have 4K screens and aren’t looking for much. It comes with all your normal apps and connects to your PC via HDMI (like the rest). Normally $29.99.

Then for 4K users, there’s the Roku Streaming Stick 4K [Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy] (sale price: $24.99 vs the regular $45.82), an HDMI stick that brings some of your content to you up to 4K (for content available in 4K). It offers support for HDR, Dolby Vision and voice control, as well as the ability to control your TV to some extent with the same remote (i.e. turn it on and off with the Roku device).

However, the biggest highlight of this sale is the Roku Ultra LT 4K [Walmart] (sale price: $30 vs. the regular $73.68) which appears to be only available at Walmart. It offers everything the previous HDMI stick has to offer with the addition of Private Listening (the ability to connect headphones to the remote so you don’t disturb anyone else). Along with better hardware (smoother experience) and Bluetooth support. This one will probably be the one that sells the fastest (unless they have enough to keep up with everyone).

These prices are some of the best you’ll see for Roku all year. Get a great Black Friday discount from some of these retailers.

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