Prada Group attended the Microsoft “Made in DigItaly” event

Milan, November 18e 2022 – On November 17e, 2022, Prada Group Chief Information Officer Cristiano Agostini attended “Made in DigItaly”, the event organized by Microsoft and Digital360, which represents one of the most important technology and innovation-oriented conventions in Italy. During the plenary session “From digital transformation to sustainable competitiveness”, Cristiano Agostini spoke about the Prada Group’s vision and approach on this topic, in addition to sharing his testimony on how the strategic partnership with Microsoft brings the company a competitive advantage.

The use of data and new processing options is a strategic lever for Made in Italy. In fact, capillary data management allows greater personalization of the customer experience without sacrificing the direct relationship with the customer, as well as timely supply chain monitoring and product authenticity tracking. Relevant is the project to develop a Data Lake on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which combines a solid data culture of the Group with the new potential made available by the processing capabilities of the platform and its algorithms.” he said during his speech, adding: “We can take advantage of a unique database and continuous source of information to simplify insight processing and improve planning by better understanding market dynamics. In a creative context strongly focused on data analytics, Prada Group’s strategy focuses on improving human capital, integrating new and traditional professionalism, in a skills shortage scenario where attracting and retaining talent is crucial”.

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