Poll: Does your phone support dual SIM cards?

Dual SIM functionality is one of the more underrated features in smartphones today and it serves a variety of purposes. Of course, one of the biggest reasons to buy a phone with dual SIM support is that you can have your work and home numbers active on one device (no need for two phones).

Does your phone support dual SIM cards in the first place? Go ahead and vote in the poll below, and leave a comment if you’d like to expand your choice.

Does your phone support dual SIM cards?

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To clarify, we’re not just talking about phones with two physical SIM slots. We are also talking about devices with a physical SIM card slot and eSIM, or two eSIMs. Anyway, you can choose the relevant option above.

Aside from having work and personal numbers on one handset, there are a number of other reasons to get a phone with dual SIM support. First, dual-SIM functionality is ideal if you need to travel, allowing you to have local service while still keeping your primary number reachable. The feature is also popular in regions where mobile data is expensive, allowing you to keep your primary number active while taking advantage of attractive data deals on another network.

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