‘Old Man’s Journey+’ is now available on Apple Arcade, alongside major updates to Taiko Pop Tap Beat, What the Golf?, Simon’s Cat and more – TouchArcade

Journey of the Old Man+ () from Broken Rules is now available on Apple Arcade as App Store Awesome. Journey of the Old Man+ debuted on iOS, Android and PC platforms for five years. The puzzle-adventure game about life, loss and hope had beautiful visuals and is a game I’ve been eager to revisit on console. If you haven’t played it yet, read our review of the original here. You can now play it here as App Store Great on Apple Arcade. Check out our original forum thread for the game here for more discussion on it. Watch the trailer for the iOS version below:

In addition to today’s new release, a few notable games have received updates. Skate City has added a new level to Venice beach. This adds 21 new challenges with a new tutorial. There are also 30 new goals included in the update. Simon’s Cat – Time for stories releases 300 new levels with 25 new levels every week with 1.20.0 out now. What the Gulf? celebrate Thanksgiving with the “Don’t Stuff Me Now” pack and more. The recently released Lurch. adds 7 new hoops, left-handed mode, improved visibility and contrast options, and some balance adjustments. Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat brings seven new songs, including Mobile Suit Gundam music and more.

Check out our forum threads for Journey of the Old Man+ here, What the Gulf? here, Skate City here, Simon’s Cat – Time for stories here, Lurch. here and Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat here. For all other Apple Arcade related matters, please visit our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussions about the service and each game featured here. What do you think of Apple Arcade’s recent releases this month?

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