new lawsuit in the US claims

A new antitrust class action lawsuit filed Nov. 9 in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington accuses Amazon and Apple of working together to raise the price of iPhones and iPads for consumers by increasing competition from third-party sellers on disable the Amazon Marketplace in the US. The lawsuit alleges that the unlawful agreement reduced the number of third-party sellers of Apple products on Amazon Marketplace from about 600 to 7 and increased the prices of Apple products by 10 percent. The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for consumers who overpaid for Apple products, as well as an injunction preventing the settlement from continuing. “Establishing barriers to entry to keep competitors out and raising prices after they have been eliminated is exactly the kind of behavior that Congress enacted antitrust laws to prevent and cannot be justified on pro-competitive grounds. […] The case is open and closed.” — lawsuit The lawsuit was filed by law firm Hagens Berman, which previously challenged Apple’s App Store policies and won a $100 million settlement for iOS developers. Why this matters: Amazon is under investigation by regulators around the world, including India, for various types of anti-competitive behavior such as predatory pricing, self-preference and seller price parity conditions that prohibit sellers from pricing products lower on other platforms. giant of collusion to keep prices high, a claim that is new. What are the allegations in the lawsuit? Amazon and Apple…

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