Minecraft Unveils New Soccer Celebration DLC

Minecraft is no stranger to themed DLCs for his community, often reflecting something from pop culture, as well as extending to real-world events and a variety of other happenings. A few months ago, Microsoft teamed up with BBC Earth to introduce in-game content relevant to TV Channe’s nature show, Frozen Planet II.

Today, the famous title from Mojang Studios has received another Marketplace DLC through the Blockception team, in the form of Football party. The timing of the release is no coincidence – with the 2022 FIFA World Cup for football just around the corner.

Minecraft character parades with the Enderman kit included in the Soccer Celebration DLC

Gamers who download the DLC will be able to experience the following in-game content:

Soccer Celebration offers an exciting journey from rookie to full-time pro as you try to compete in a championship game. Engage in rigorous and challenging training exercises to hone your skills on your way to fame. Improve your shooting, dribbling, passing, tackling and control until you’re ready to join the team of your dreams. Once you’ve passed, you can explore and customize your own stadium to your heart’s content and make your personal mark on your team’s home pitch

In addition, 32 sports-related skins will be added as part of this release, in addition to a special Enderman kit from the character creator mode. Those interested can take a look Football party here. By the usual standard, 1340 coins in Minecraft currency is what it costs to buy the DLC.

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