Millions of Android owners urged to change settings – don’t ignore the warning

BELIEVE it or not, Android is packed with tools to keep your device and data safe.

Over the years, Google has slowly introduced more controls so you can decide what to give away and what not to.

Make your smartphone even more personal


Make your smartphone even more personalCredit: Getty

These should help protect you from the ever-present threat of hackers.

With that in mind, here are the ones worth checking out.

App permissions

Apps can ask a whole host of things from your phone, ranging from accessing your camera to using Bluetooth.

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This isn’t necessarily as alarming as it sounds.

For example, if you take a photo via Instagram to share with friends, the app needs this permission to use your camera.

That said, some apps make questionable requests that might make no sense.

You can view which apps have permission for each type on your device.

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Go to first Settings.

Find Privacythen Permission Manager.

Choose a permission type, then you’ll see every app using it.

Lockdown mode

Android has its own Lockdown Mode – not to be confused with Apple’s hardcore Lockdown Mode on the iPhone.

The Android version blocks all biometric and voice security features, such as face or fingerprint unlocking.

The only way is the traditional passcode or a pattern lock.

It’s for when you’re worried that someone could use your face or fingerprint to secretly unlock your devices while you’re asleep or by force.

To activate it, just press the power button as if you were turning off your phone.

And you should see the lock mode listed.

Apparently it’s not automatically enabled on Samsung devices, so you’ll have to go into the settings and search the lock mode instead.

Guest mode

If you find it a little weird that someone might be looking at your private stuff while you hand over your phone, there’s a tool that can help.

It’s been around for a while and it’s simply called guest mode.

When enabled, the person can access apps normally, but certain things, such as text messages and photos, are locked.

Go to Settings and search System.

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Select Multiple usersthen Add guest.

Decide what they can and can’t access.

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