Microsoft is banning 7 million Xbox accounts

Contrary to community guidelines

Software King of the World Microsoft has banned more than seven million Xbox accounts for violating Community Guidelines.

Vole’s first Digital Transparency Report said that from January to June 2022, Microsoft banned a total of 7.21 million Xbox accounts. 4.78 million of these bans were proactive and 2.53 million were reactive. This is more than the total number of bans for the entire year 2021, which is 6.72 million. Proactive banning happens before anyone has complained and then reactively.

As it turns out, many of the proactively banned accounts were clearly disruptive to the platform. A further breakdown of Microsoft’s report sees 199,000 proactive bans due to sexual content, 54,000 for bullying or harassment, and 87,000 for fraud.

Apparently, the accounts that were banned for phishing, piracy, and account tampering were 100 percent a result of Microsoft being proactive and not reacting to players reporting issues.

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