Lowe’s terrifying surveillance video trailer that ‘spys on customers’ raises concerns among Walmart & Kroger customers

LOWE’s new ‘perimeter defense’ system is causing the internet to panic after the retailer raised concerns about ‘spying’ among customers.

A TikTok shared by a user named Vic featured a trailer-mounted device that appeared to have several surveillance cameras and a solar panel.


A TikToker shared a creepy “perimeter defense” video of Lowe’s

“POV: Lowes at 1am,” read the on-screen text of the video.

The device also has a loudspeaker, which issues a statement in the parking lot.

“For your safety, this parking lot is guarded by perimeter defenses,” the speaker said.

A car full of nervously laughing people started screaming after the announcement.

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“Were safe! We are safe in this parking lot,” one person shouted as the group continued to laugh.

“No, we’re that safe!”

The strange video went viral, prompting hundreds of comments from users shocked and frightened by the announcement.

One user wrote: “The first time one of these went off I thought so [God] speaking through Walmart air,”

“I remember living near a Walmart and I heard that voice not far away, but at 4 AM in the morning,” wrote another.

A Kroger customer said they saw a similar device in their store.

Others questioned the actual purpose of the device.

“So besides being a camera with speakers, what does it actually do?” one person asked.

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“We live in the future,” said another.

The US Sun contacted Lowe’s for comment.

The video came from a Lowe's parking lot and contained a security device


The video came from a Lowe’s parking lot and contained a security deviceCredit: Getty

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