Korean RPG ‘Limbus Company’ delayed to February 2023

Limbus Company, Project Moon’s new RPG, has been delayed, according to studio director Kim Jihoon Twitter pronunciation. Originally scheduled for December 23, 2022, the game is now scheduled for release in late February 2023 for PC, iOS, and Android.

As stated by the director, the studio believes that it will be too difficult to release the game in December and ensure stable operation of features and services related to the mobile version, such as payment systems and cross-platform support between PC and mobile. Limbus Company is the studio’s first foray into mobile development, which was cited as the cause of many challenges during development.


Along with the delay announcement, details around the development progress were also revealed. The story is said to be 97% complete while the gameplay mechanics are 87% complete. Other elements such as UI & UX, content and systems such as payment, builds and optimization are currently at 64-65%. Limbus Company will also maintain connections to the studio’s previous works, acting as a sequel to the first monster management simulation game “Lobotomy Corporation”, a game influenced by the fictional SCP foundation, and the library battle simulation game “Library of Ruina”. “, which was made available on Xbox Game Pass last year.

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In an interview with IGN Japan, director Kim describes Limbus Company as a step forward in intuitive design. The reason for this change is that the map elements in Library of Ruina’s battle system were complicated and the controls difficult, so the studio is trying to address these criticisms in their new game. Project Moon also pays close attention to English localization and the nuance of unique words often used by the studio’s games, such as calling battles “entertainment,” ensuring that the spirit of the work is conveyed the same in each language. .

As for the future developments of Project Moon, the current goal is to properly launch Limbus Company and then create another team for another game. There are also plans to expand and integrate their projects into a variety of other media such as anime, manga and novels. After that, the company will maintain and operate these two games side by side with gradual progress and content expansion over a long period of time.

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