Kat sees his human crying, jumps to comfort him. Watch cute video | Popular

Many people believe that cats are aloof pets. They may not like them due to their nature and try to avoid them. However, that is not always the case. In fact, cats can be just as loving as any other pet. And this video is just proof of that. A video shared by Twitter user @Buitengebied shows a cat comforting a man.

In the eight-second clip, a man is crying. His house cat notices his sadness at the same time and jumps on his chest to comfort him. His face is slowly touched by the cat, who then gives him a hug. Then they both hug each other. In the caption of the post, the user wrote, “Nothing is going to change.”

Watch the video of the cat comforting the man here:

This video was shared just a day ago. Since it was shared, it has been viewed two million times. The video also has several likes and comments.

One person in the Twitter comments said, “Nothing sweeter than being comforted by your pet.” A second person said, “The cat looks really sad and worried.” “She completely melts into you. What a beautiful baby. Thank you,” said a third person. Many others have responded with heart emojis.

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