iPhone 14 Emergency SOS, Apple’s MLS deal, Steve Jobs’ television

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When Steve Jobs said he had solved television, he probably wasn’t thinking about Apple TV+. Yet it is today’s Apple that creates major dramas – and with the new Emergency SOS prevents them. All this in this week’s AppleInsider Podcast.

William Gallagher and Wesley Hilliard go deep with Emergency SOS via satellite on the new AppleInsider podcast. Then they dive even deeper with MLS football – which we should all refer to as “soccer,” apparently.

And then it’s time to really dig deeper with Apple TV+. It’s become such a good service, and yet it’s clearly not what Steve Jobs intended when he said he had solved the television problem.

There’s no question, though, that he’d certainly applaud the new Emergency SOS via satellite that Apple launched this week for the US and Canada.

But seriously, Apple is missing a trick here. Apple TV+ has no “ER,” no “Grey’s Anatomy,” and no “St. Elsewhere’. But Apple now has Emergency SOS and there’s definitely a TV series in there.

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