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Google Play today made a series of changes to several programs and policies associated with Android apps designed for kids.

The tech giant has cited the update as a major expansion of an initiative seen in the past, the Teacher Approved. This entails a mega-evaluation process where teachers and so many experts are concerned about what the future holds for these young individuals. From the best safety and security elements, there’s something in it for everyone.

The newly created policy will affect how apps are qualified for the program and which apps will now have access to the famous Kids tab seen in the Play Store.

The changes are intended to streamline early childhood policies, which would entail an increased number of apps that would be eligible for review by the Teacher Approved Program. In addition, so many policy updates and other changes would push Android app developers to include stricter regulations regarding software aimed at children.

Before that, we saw Google Play revolve around two different programs that were related to apps and aimed at kids.

It took so many app developers to participate in the program titled “Designed for Families” and the app was aimed at children and the elderly. There was a set set of requirements that had to be met regarding the app’s content, functionality, and so many warning labels.

Now the new guidelines would point to a specific location, for example, and even prevent the developers from sending children’s device IDs and extra privacy among so many other things.

Today, developers are merging such requirements into Google Play’s Family Policy. This ultimately leads to a strengthening of the regulations for developers around such applications aimed at the younger generation.

We heard about such an initiative way back in the year 2020 and then there were strict lockdowns. And remember, the world had shifted to distance learning or virtual learning, so it made sense.

The new safety requirements are being introduced with the help of a large panel of experts and there are about 200 different teachers in the US. So as you can see there is a lot of painstaking effort that Google Play is putting into this guideline.

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