Google Maps for iOS gets Augmented Reality Live View search

Google has announced that it is adding a new augmented reality Live View search feature to its Maps app for iOS. This feature allows users to more intuitively visually explore what’s around them using AI, billions of Street View images, and augmented reality.

Users can open the Maps app and tap the camera icon in the search bar to see what’s around them, including ATMs, bars, restaurants and more. Google Maps will then provide AR-driven directions and arrows, indicating the distance from the location and directing you to the location.

The app also displays information about each place in an overlay on the screen, including its rating, whether it’s open, and the trader’s price range. By tapping on place categories, users can see restaurants, bars, dessert shops, parks, and transit stations within walking distance.

Starting next week, this visual search experience will roll out in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo on Android and iOS.

Google is also rolling out other new features. Users can search for ‘EV charging stations’ and select the ‘fast charging’ filter. You will then see stations with chargers of 50 kW or higher, so that you can charge faster. You can also filter for stations that offer your EV’s plug type in more countries, so you only see stations with plugs that are compatible with your car. Both features are now live on Android and iOS in countries where EV charging stations are available.

By turning on the ‘Accessible Places’ setting in the Google Maps app. Users will see a wheelchair icon on the Business Profile if it has a wheelchair accessible entrance, and the same icon with a crossed out place if it is a non-accessible place. You can also see if the place has accessible seating, restrooms, and parking.

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