For Dogs and Other Animals: Gifts for Pet Owners in San Diego

Pigment's staghorn fern, a pet-safe plant option

Many pet parents are also plant parents, but some common houseplants can be toxic to animals. Consider purchasing a staghorn fern from Pigment, the local plant and home goods store. This funky looking houseplant is safe for dogs, cats and horses. The long leaves naturally resemble deer horns, making this a great plant to pot or even hang on the wall as an animal-friendly alternative to the real thing. Pigment offers workshops all year round to assemble them. A unique statement piece for any room, pets will thank you for the safe greenery. Note that this plant is only available at stores in Pigment’s North Park, Liberty Station, and Del Mar.

$65. Locations in San Diego at 3801 30th Street and 2885 Perry Road and in Del Mar at 3715 Caminito Court.

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