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To the editor:

It’s a funny old world, the Republicans claim that whenever there’s a mass or school shooting, the shooter always has a mental health problem. They offer thoughts and prayers that do nothing but nothing else.

Could it be due to gun lobbyists like the NRA paying Republicans to vote against gun safety measures or something that could help prevent the next mass or school shooting?

Take the bill that just passed through the house — a bill, mind you, that was for increasing mental health in schools. While claiming that mental health is THE cause of all mass shootings or school shootings, 205 of the Republican members of Congress voted against the bill. So much for the claim they make that they want to do something about the shootings that take place almost every day.

In fact, the claim they make that mental health issues are the cause of all shootings has been debunked by numerous law enforcement departments. In fact, according to the National Institute of Justice and the Violence Project database, 30% were suicidal prior to the shooting, while 39% were suicidal during the shooting. In terms of past trauma, 31% of those who committed mass shootings were found to have experienced severe childhood trauma, and more than 80% were in crisis.

Being in crisis does not mean they suffered from a mental illness. The definition of a crisis is any event that is an unstable and dangerous situation or is expected to result in an individual, group, community or the whole of society while a mental health problem can be classified as a crisis but is not .

But back to my point: The Republicans have once again displayed the hypocrisy that permeates their party. They make a claim about something, but if a bill is introduced before them that can settle the matter, they always vote against it. Maybe some Republicans can try to get out of there. I await the many excuses they will give for voting against this bill.

George Fisher


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