Experts in predictive medicine join the innovation community

Predictive medicine technology experts have joined the University of Leeds innovation community Nexus as it prepares for international expansion.

The new company – EDH-AI – which specializes in chronic disease research and predictive analytics, launched its preventive healthcare business at a special event in Nexus for members, guests and investors on Tuesday. November 14.

Founded four years ago in France as ToxSeek, the company was born from the meeting of a toxicology expert, a chemist, a public health specialist and a high-tech entrepreneur and is now poised to seek major funding for international growth from its new British base.

Matthieu Davoli, Director of EDH-AI, said: “The Nexus community was an obvious choice for us to base the next phase of our international growth and Leeds is increasingly recognized across Europe as a leading innovation cluster for healthcare innovation and health technology.

One of my co-directors, Nabil Sadeg, received his MSC in computer science from the University of Leeds and Nexuslinks to the university and wider networks, particularly in the health and wellness sectors, means we have easy access to the brilliant academic minds and talent there, which will be fundamental in expanding our services.”

Dr. Martin Stow, Chairman and CEO of Nexus, added: WeWe are excited to welcome EDH-AI to the Nexus community, where they join a host of member companies that are leading transformative change in healthcare, particularly through the innovative use of digital technology.

We look forward to helping them tell their incredible story to other companies, stakeholders and potential investors as they move into the next phase of their growth and development.”

EDH-AI will build a new automated laboratory at Nexus dedicated to the analysis of toxins and proteins in patients with long-term health problems.

The company shares its expertise with university research teams, academic institutions and the NHS and aims to develop personalized plans for patients to help them manage their disease and relieve symptoms.

The company is seeking funding through DeFi investment, which will be converted into further analysis and online consultation for patients.

Investors can make the analyzes available to family members or donate them to medical research.

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