“Dancing Today so the Kids Can Tomorrow”: Cornellians host the seventh annual Big Red Thon

Last Saturday, Cornellians danced together at Barton Hall to support Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital during Cornell’s annual Big Red Thon. This fundraiser is one of many that have been held since Cornell joined the nationwide Dance Marathon Movement seven years ago.

Big Red Thon is Cornell’s version of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Dance Marathon, which began in 1991 at Indiana University. Cornell students founded Big Red Thon in 2015 and have since raised more than $115,000 for Syracuse Children’s Hospital. Saturday’s dance marathon was their biggest, most anticipated event and the final push to raise more money by the end of the year. The money they raise this year will be used for mental health resources and facilities at the Children’s Hospital.

For ten hours, members of the Cornell community and families associated with the hospital enjoyed games, food, and each other’s company as they danced to fight for children’s health. Event planners took turns onstage talking to attendees about the cause and urging people to donate money. Every hour there would be an announcement to introduce a new “push” to increase engagement and donations; these challenges ranged from soliciting donations from friends on Venmo to donating certain amounts of money to slap pie in the faces of event organizers.

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