Comparison of Thanksgiving prices at the grocery store versus restaurant

One of our viewers suggested that this year might be the year to buy your Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant to save money. Let’s verify.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Grocery prices have risen about 12 percent due to inflation, while restaurant prices have risen about 8 percent, according to the USDA. It makes people reconsider Thanksgiving plans.

We asked you on Facebook “Have you bought Thanksgiving groceries yet? Stickershock? What do you see?

Hundreds of you agreed. One person said “Can always go to Cracker Barrel”.

ASK: Is is it cheaper to buy Thanksgiving dinner from Cracker Barrel?

This is wrong.

My resources today are the Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving pre-order menu and Walmart’s online store.

For a meal that feeds 8 to 10 people at Cracker Barrel, you get the same mains and can pick and choose sides for the same price.

For consistency, I chose 2 turkey breasts, cornbread dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, buns, and pumpkin pie. You also get a $10 gift card with that pre-order.

My total is $166.61 after tax.

Matching that meal, I went online to to order the ingredients. 2 turkey breasts with gravy pouches, stuffing mix and the ingredients that go with it, cranberry sauce (this one I went classic in the can), the ingredients for sweet potato casserole according to Food Network’s 5 star recipe, buns and pumpkin pie.

It seems that grocery shopping for Thanksgiving is the way to go, if you’re smart about it.

The key is planning ahead and finding the deals! Ordering your groceries online can help you stay focused.

Also check out Ibotta! The discount app offers a free thanksgiving through discounts. Buy the matching items in selected stores, scan the coupons and receive the money back in the form of a discount that can be deposited directly into your bank account.

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