Clyde’s children’s librarian Deb Meyer retires after 40 years

Children’s librarian Deb Meyer retires from the Clyde Public Library after 40 years of reading stories to children twice a week during Storytime. This equates to 104 books per year, and more than 4,000 books during her employment.

“This has been my whole world for eight hours every day,” she said. “I enjoyed it.”

Times have changed since she read her first story on November 22, 1982, in the former nursery before the library was renovated. Back then, it was mainly stay-at-home mothers who faithfully brought their children every week. Thursday morning there were about 30 children and only a handful on Thursday afternoons. Now it is mainly grandparents who bring the children and fewer parents, she said. There was only one discipline problem she ever dealt with.

Meyer reads stories while sitting in a chair, turns the book over to share the pictures with the children, and comes up with simple crafts related to the story. Since she has a minor in art from Bowling Green State University, the librarian likes to make crafts. “I think crafting is good for everyone; it’s good for hand and eye coordination,’ she said.

Meyer hosts the Gingerbread story craft time during Winesburg Weekend

Children's librarian Deb Meyer retires from Clyde Public Library after 40 years.

The annual Gingerbread Story program held during Winesburg Weekend is planned by her, featuring a gingerbread-themed story and craft.

The state of Ohio provides a recommended reading list, which it sometimes uses.

“Kids don’t know how lucky they are (to have access to so many books),” she said, noting that children’s books have moved ahead of early “Dick and Jane” readers. She herself loves to give books as gifts, something children can go back to read again and again. As part of her job description, she also purchases children’s books for the library.

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