Apple’s Freeform app strives to be the collaboration whiteboard for everyone

Freeform from Apple is a powerful new collaboration app with a flexible canvas that lets users see, share, and collaborate all in one place without worrying about layouts and page sizes, and with full support for Apple Pencil. Users can view others’ contributions as they add content or make edits, while enjoying a real-time collaboration space. Coming soon to Macs, iPhones and iPads, Freeform allows employees to start a session from FaceTime and view others’ updates directly in the Messages thread.

With full support for Apple Pencil, Freeform gives users the ability to see, share and collaborate in real time on a flexible canvas.
Freeform’s canvas is perfect for diagramming new projects, gathering important resources, or just brainstorming on an infinite board.

Ivan Mehta for TechCrunch:

At first glance, Freeform is just a big board with a grid on which you can place various things, such as text, images, videos, notes, objects, documents, and more. Apple wants to provide users with an infinite board and basic tools that require minimal onboarding. Most people would have used some of these editing tools, like Apple’s own apps like Photos and Notes…

Freeform is not only a whiteboard for yourself, but also allows you to collaborate with your friends or teammates as long as they are in the Apple ecosystem. You can share the link to your board with others via email, Slack, or any other messaging app.

If you share your board in an iMessage thread, you can collaborate live, powered by SharePlay. That means you can see how participants add, remove and move objects around the board. When you’re not working on the board, you’ll see activity updates at the top of the message thread when someone makes changes. Apple said it won’t show notifications for every minor update because it can be very annoying and intrusive.

Apple has tried to make this version as simple as possible for every user. While they may not use design tools in their day-to-day workflow, this tool can come in handy for things like coaching schedules, event planning, pet journalism, and redesigning a home with rough sketches and notes.

Take MacDailyNews: One really nice thing about Freeform is that iCloud keeps all your boards in sync, across your Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

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