Ads in Windows 11 may make sense for Microsoft, but it’s really bad for consumers – OSnews

Earlier this week, some Windows 11 Dev Channel users saw ads/promos in the Start menu encouraging them to back up their data to OneDrive, sign up for a Microsoft account, and complete their profile . This obviously opened the door to a lot of conversation on social media platforms like Twitter, as well as the comment section on our own coverage, as the majority of readers went on to bash Microsoft for what they believed was pushing ads into their operating system.

To be fair, this backlash isn’t surprising. Microsoft has previously been caught red-handed testing ads for Microsoft Editor in File Explorer. At that point, the company quickly removed them, claiming they were not intended to be published externally. Even then I expressed my concern that while the banner ads were accidentally published this time around, the real problem here is that Microsoft is definitely toying with this idea and doesn’t know when the tech giant decides it’s the right time to give the green light to this initiative for the public.

It does not matter. People who (think) they need Windows will continue to use Windows, continue to interpret user-hostile nonsense, because they don’t know any better. Windows users are a gold mine waiting to be split open and rushed, and Microsoft knows it.

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