Walmart’s best products to help you organize your bathroom

Drawers are another big culprit for bathroom clutter. The average woman owns about 40 cosmetic products, notes Brit + Co! Men are not left out either; the market for men’s skin care and cosmetics is steadily growing and is worth about $166 (via CNBC). With so many lotions, potions, lip balms and eyeshadows, keeping drawers organized is essential in the bathroom. Walmart makes it easy to simplify your morning routine with this 27-piece Tray Organizer Set from LeaderPro.

These cubes are made of sturdy, sleek plastic that can withstand repeated use and fit into any bathroom color scheme. Customers love that the cubes are big enough to hold multiple items and bulky items like hairbrushes, but they still fit perfectly in bathroom drawers. Each cube fits neatly next to each other, so it’s easy to arrange your drawer storage in a way that works best for you. Plus, you can use any leftover trays to organize your kitchen, refrigerator, desk drawers, garage tools, and more.

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