‘Turkey Not Tickets’ Program Offers Thanksgiving Treat at Miami Gardens – NBC 6 South Florida

The Miami Gardens Police Department completed a road safety initiative Thursday morning, but added a celebratory touch.

Officers stepped up patrols at busy intersections, but drivers left with smiles instead of tickets.

“I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving,” said Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt.

While the chef handed out holiday greetings, she also handed out turkeys. Instead of tickets, drivers caught committing minor traffic violations were given free turkeys.

“Especially with the older women, we get that feeling of ‘oh my god, I was looking for a turkey, I didn’t know how to feed my family and you just gave me something I was looking for’.” said Noel-Pratt. “There are tears in their eyes, and it kind of resonates with us.”

Five teams from the Miami Gardens Police Department spread across 10 different intersections to hand out a total of 100 turkeys donated by Walmart.

“Everyone deserves a great vacation,” said Juan Rodriguez, Walmart Store Manager. “I think this brings a little bit of joy to the community we love to serve, and to us it’s an honor.”

The traffic stops generated excitement, gratitude and a flood of emotions among the recipients.

“Overwhelmed, but the turkey made it all feel better,” said Abby Johnson, who added that she plans to cook the turkey with marinated spices.

Along with the turkey, the drivers received gentle reminders to follow the law on the road and stay safe.

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