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Ticketmaster cancels public sale for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour due to overwhelming demand

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Those looking to buy a ticket to Taylor Swift’s new tour may be out of luck.

Ticket master said on Thursday that “due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket stock to meet that demand,” Friday’s public ticket sales for Swift’s Eras Tour have been cancelled.

The sudden cancellation comes after Ticketmaster said on Thursday that more than two million tickets had been sold on Tuesday for her upcoming tour – the most ever selling artist in one day. It caused a near meltdown of his website.

In a blog post Thursday, Ticketmaster explained that a “record number of fans” wanted to buy tickets for Swift’s Eras Tour, which begins next year. That caused a massive slowdown for the platform and sparked outrage from its millions of fans who could not buy tickets.

In fact, Ticketmaster said its “Verified Fans” system, a mechanism aimed at eliminating bots that give presale codes to individuals, couldn’t keep up with the massive demand. About 3.5 million people signed up for the program to buy Swift tickets, the “largest registration in history.” That unprecedented demand, combined with a “stunning number of bot attacks and fans who didn’t have invite codes,” drove “unprecedented traffic” to its site, Ticketmaster said, and essentially broke it.

“Never before has a verified fan on sale attracted so much attention — or uninvited volumes,” Ticketmaster said in the blog post. “This disrupted the predictability and reliability that is the hallmark of our Verified Fan platform.”

Tuesday morning, Ticketmaster told CNN Business that the website was “not down” and that “people are actively buying tickets.” It added that “there has been historically unprecedented demand with millions showing up” to purchase tickets for Swift’s tour.

The debacle not only sparked outrage among Swift’s fans, but also angered politicians. Senator Amy Klobuchar criticized Ticketmaster in an open letter to the CEO, saying she has “serious concerns” about the company’s operations.

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