Rite Aid opens pharmacy in Craigsville

CRAIGSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) – Rite Aid pharmacy has found a new home in Craigsville, Virginia, and community residents are thrilled to have this resource.

“It saves me a lot of money on gas and getting back and forth to Lexington. It’s only three and a half miles from my house and I can come here now and get my medicine. I’m really happy, it’s great,” said residents Steve and Bessie Ingram.

Ryan Minnich is the pharmacist who grew up in a town like Craigsville. He is determined to give the people here the health care they deserve.

“My day-to-day activities would be to interact with patients, help them understand what they are taking, and even go talk to their doctors to see if I can help them better manage their medication, and then, hopefully, give them the best service they can get and make them as healthy as possible,” Minnich said.

This 3,000 square foot location is where people can pick up any medicine and is seen as a win for the health needs of the community.

“It’s something we’ve needed for a long time and I hope we have a lot of success here,” said Harvey Sprouse.

The point is to improve service access in underserved communities. The pharmacy plans to grow over time.

“It will be me primarily, but I am also hiring at least two technicians, including Kimberly Campbell. She’s from down the street, so we’re trying to make everything like this big Rite Aid-happy family and include everyone in here,” Minnich said.

Rite Aid also plans to open locations in Greenville and Scottsville in the coming months.

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