Microsoft slams $50 off Xbox Series S for Black Friday 2022

Microsoft announced today on the Xbox News Wire that it will drop the price of its Xbox Series S console in North America from $299 to $249. At the time of writing, this deal has only been announced on the North American Xbox News Wire site and the deal is already live. However, it remains to be seen whether a similar promotion will take place in other areas, although it is likely that individual retailers will make their own offers in the run-up to Christmas.

In North America, you can buy an Xbox Series S for $249 directly from the Microsoft Store or through select retailers. It’s a limited-time offer, though there’s no word on when the deal will end. The Microsoft Store simply states “while supplies last”.


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Unfortunately, the promotion only applies to the Xbox Series S and not the heavier premium Xbox Series X. That said, the official announcement states that “additional holiday offers will be available in more regions in the coming days.” This could mean extending the Xbox Series S deal to more countries. Or it could be that the Series X gets a temporary price cut before Microsoft raises its console prices next year.

Phil Spencer recently said the company may need to raise prices for games, consoles and subscription services, though the executive also said the company will maintain its prices over the holiday season to remain affordable as a low-cost option.

It’s not just the Xbox Series S that’s getting a price cut. The Xbox Black Friday Sale is in full swing and there with over 900 discounts live on the Xbox Game Store. There’s everything from original Xbox games, Xbox 360 releases, as well as Xbox One and recent Xbox Series X|S games.

In addition to enough games to last several lifetimes, there is also some other hardware for sale. If you’re looking for a new Xbox controller or other Xbox/PC gaming accessories, there are decent discounts across the board.

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