Jason Momoa answers kids interview questions

Jason Momoa and his Slumberland character have one thing in common: they are both great with kids!

Ahead of the release of the fantasy adventure movie, which stars Momoa as Flip, the eccentric companion of main character Nemo (Marlow Barkley), the actor sat down to answer some questions from “cute” kids for PEOPLE.

In the interview, 7-year-old Isla and 4-year-old Alexis ask the actor, who plays a satyr (half man, half goat) in the film, what his favorite animal is.

“Our dog is a dog,” says Isla, sitting next to her own furry friend, laughing.

Then Alexis chimes in, “And also, is yours an alligator?”

“Oh my god that’s cute,” the Aquarius actor, 43, says before sharing his affinity for big cats: “I like lions.”

Five-year-old Madison makes the actor laugh by complimenting him on his “nice, tousled beard.” The young girl, dressed in a Wonder Woman costume, also asks Momoa what his superpower would be, if he had it.

“I would like to have a super power that can help save our oceans and save them from all the garbage,” said the Game of Thrones actor replies. “And all the evil that befalls our planet.”

Momoa then reveals to Clara, 7, that he loved the ocean long before he was cast as a superhero protector.

“When I was little, I wanted to be a marine biologist,” the actor shares. “I’ve always wanted to work with dolphins and sharks. And I wanted to learn how I can help our planet by saving the ocean.”

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

In the adorable interview, Momoa also reveals that he has a serious sweet tooth.

When five-year-old Charlotte asks about the actor’s favorite dessert, he says it’s his “grandmother’s apple pie,” but also likes New York-style cheesecake with his mom. Loves Hot tamales.

“I got them with popcorn,” Momoa tells Luke, 7, the youngster who asked about his favorite candy.

“And I can’t watch a movie — and a movie isn’t a movie — unless I’ve got popcorn and Hot Tamales,” he continues, before addressing the youngster directly, “You’ve got to have it Luke, okay?”

The actors Slumberland character is an atypical comedic role for the actor, and one that he says has “unlocked a lot of things for me”.

“It blew me away, and I was just so emotional,” Momoa told PEOPLE earlier this year after seeing the film for the first time. “This role really lets me be free, and the character is so much fun.”

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See Jason Momoa inside Slumberlandpremieres November 18 on Netflix.

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