Investigators find cause of fire that killed 4 children in Mason City

MASON CITY, IOWA – A nighttime house fire that killed four children and injured two more people in Mason City started in an electrical power strip on the ground floor of the home. John Michael Mcluer, 12; Odin Thor Mcluer, 10; Drako Mcluer, 6; and Phenix Mcluer, 3, were killed in the blaze. John Michael Mcluer, 55, and Ravan Dawn Mcluer, 11, survived the fire but suffered burns.

Firefighters report that the family home was completely engulfed in flames when they arrived just after 5 a.m. .

Power strips and extension cords can easily become a fire hazard if overloaded with too many devices or devices that draw too much current. A guide to power strip safety from MidAmerican Energy includes this reminder: “Only use power strips for low-voltage electronics. Overloading a power strip can create a fire hazard.” They also warn that if a power strip is hot to the touch, unplug it immediately.

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