How to view and delete your Edge browsing data on one Windows 11 PC, synced across devices and stored in the cloud

Did you know that you can view and clear your Microsoft Edge browsing data at any time? It’s true, you can choose to clear your browser data in Edge using a single Windows 11 device, across all synced devices, and in the cloud.

Clear Edge browsing data stored on a single device or across devices

To clear your browser data in Edge, you need to check where your Edge browser data is stored.

1. Open a new Edge browser window and type (or copy and paste) the following URL into the address bar: edge://settings/profiles/sync.
2a. Click to flip the switches (as seen below) to the “On” position to power on Sync if you want to delete browser data when sync between devices or in the cloud.

edge browser data
Edge synced across devices

2b. If you just want to delete the Edge browser data from a single Windows 11 deviceyou should know for sure Sync is disabled. Turn all switches to the “Off” position.

edge browser data
Synchronization disabled

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide any option to disable all Edge sync services.

Clear Edge browser data in the cloud (if you have sync enabled)

If you’re having trouble syncing between devices, or if you don’t have access to one of the devices, you can always download the Reset sync button, at the bottom of the sync page.

edge browser data

Once you click Reset sync you will see a pop-up warning, click Reset again.

edge browser data

Once your data has been deleted from Microsoft servers, you should see a message confirming that your data has been deleted.
edge browser data

Click Okay when you’re done. If you’re interested in an overview of all the browsing data you can delete in Edge, Microsoft provides a handy reference that lists types of information, what gets deleted, and where it’s stored on your device.

If you’re having trouble syncing in the cloud, Microsoft has some troubleshooting steps if you need them. There is an option to reset Microsoft Edge data in the cloud

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