Horizon discusses local drug/mental health issues at Appomattox | City Council meeting News

Horizon Behavioral Health CEO Melissa Lucy spoke to the Appomattox City Council at Monday night’s meeting to discuss the current drug problem in Appomattox County, namely fentanyl, and how Horizon has been trying to address that and mental health issues locally.

Two fatal fentanyl overdoses were reported in Appomattox County in 2020 and one in 2021, which Lucy says is “significant” for an area of ​​this size.

As of 2019, six prescription fatal overdoses, excluding fentanyl, have been reported to the Virginia Department of Health, and eight fatal overdoses of any drug since 2020. In 2020 alone, five died by suicide in the county.

Lucy also reported that in Horizon’s catchment area (which includes Appomattox, Campbell, Amherst and Bedford counties and the city of Lynchburg), the percentage of people reporting that their mental health is not good has tripled since 2018.

Lucy attributes much of the increase in drug use and mental health problems to easy access to drugs, increased stress from world conditions, and social isolation.

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