Evernote is getting a new owner, but you have nothing to worry about

Don’t count on major changes to your trusted Evernote app for the time being

Evernote has been helping people stay organized for quite some time now long time, and the service predates smartphones. But it quickly adapted for the small screen in the late 2000s and became the go-to productivity app for many — longtime users still swear by Evernote over everything else. Throughout its existence, Evernote has remained an independent brand, but it is now going through a transition of sorts with the company changing ownership soon. However, for Evernote users, don’t worry at this point.


Evernote CEO Ivan Small has announced that Bending Spoons is acquiring the popular notes app (via Engadget). Bending Spoons is a Milan-based developer of the highly acclaimed photo and video editing apps Remini and Splice. Small’s post does not reveal the financial details of this acquisition transaction, which is likely to close in early 2023.

Small attempts to reassure the app’s fans that Evernote will uphold its commitment to user data and privacy. He further hints that Evernote could take advantage of the new owner’s underlying technologies and become part of a larger suite of apps that now have photo and video editing tools. But really, the Italian company would be the one to reap the benefits of an established app like Evernote, with a strong community of millions of paying subscribers.

Even after the acquisition is complete, Evernote won’t change overnight for its users, but plans to continue its existing roadmap for adding new features in the near future, such as Microsoft 365 calendar integration. Evernote has already provided some minor (but much-requested) features, such as widgets on both Android and iOS, customizable note preferences, a mini sidebar on tablets, and more.

None of this is a guarantee that Evernote will stay the same forever. As the two companies go for deeper integration over time, you should expect major changes to how Evernote works, ranging from your account management to bundled subscriptions of Bending Spoons. If you ever feel the need to switch from Evernote, there are plenty of good and free note-taking apps that can be just as good, if not better.

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