Dolly Parton’s special apple pie is amazingly large

The apple pie at The Spotlight Bakery in Dollywood is a dessert designed for sharing. The Hallmark Channel (via YouTube) reports that a single piece of the huge pie is enough to serve a family of four. The reason it’s so big, one of the bakery’s pastry chefs, Lanna Talley, told Hallmark, is that it was created in honor of Dollywood’s 25th anniversary. The theme park therefore decided to use 25 kilograms of apples in the dessert, or 40 to 50 apples per Dollywood. The fully assembled pie weighs a total of 32 pounds, chef Giget Davis shared with Buzzfeed Bring Me (via Instagram).

Dolly Parton’s apple pie can be purchased individually for $18.99 each, Visit My Smokies stock, but you can also purchase the entire pastry, including the cast iron skillet it’s baked in, for $189.99. And if you can’t make it to Dollywood in person, luckily you can still sample the famous apple pie. The Dollywood blog says you can also order it and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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