Collaborate with Community Care Hubs to address social drivers of health

Research shows that personal behaviour, physical environments and socioeconomic factors – commonly referred to as the social drivers of health (SDOH) – are responsible for 80 percent of health outcomes. Individuals enrolled in Medicaid experience disproportionate rates of complex health and social needs. With this in mind, the state’s Medicaid agencies are increasingly looking beyond the healthcare system for solutions to improve health outcomes and create value.

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are emerging as critical partners in the state’s efforts to address SDOH. Trusted by the communities they serve, CBOs have deep relationships, knowledge of the local environment and critical expertise in delivering social care. Community Care Hubs (CCHs) are community-based entities that organize and support networks of CBOs to integrate CBOs and the health-related services they offer into the care continuum in a meaningful and efficient manner.

In “Working with Community Care Hubs to Address Social Drivers of Health: A Playbook for State Medicaid Agencies,” produced in collaboration with the Partnership to Align Social Care with support from The SCAN Foundation, Manatt Health provides a resource for state Medicaid agencies that are looking to partner with CCHs in the design and implementation of SDOH initiatives. The Playbook provides an introduction to the key functions of CCHs and practical advice on how state Medicaid agencies can partner with CCHs to deliver more effective and sustainable whole-person care.

Click here to download the full handbook.

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